Review for A Beautiful Taste by Lilliana Anderson! (Available May 4th!)


“Ten years down the track, we’re finally beginning.”
The author was generous enough to send me an ARC of this book to review and let’s just say that I dropped everything I was doing in order to read it. This is the second book I have read from her and I was not disappointed! The perfect thing about this series is that the books can be read as standalone too! That really saved my rear with this. Lilliana gives her readers a ticking bomb and all we can do is wait for it to go off.
Anyway, those first chapters into Brad’s and Dakota’s story made me fall in love with them right off the bat! Brad is one of the best male characters I’ve read about. He puts his loved one’s needs before his own and goes through great lengths for them. I wish I could keep him for myself considering he’s a chef! Who doesn’t love a guy who can cook?
Dakota’s story is a heavy one and it’s not to be taken lightly. I never saw all of her hardships coming and I loved seeing how Brad dealt with the situation with her.
I loved how the author mentioned a lot of my favorite things (Johnny Depp, Arrow, American Pie) and it had me grinning and laughing all throughout the story!
This was a fast and easy read with only a handful of grammar errors. I will definitely be continuing with this series! I can’t wait to read Ruby’s story! I hope you all give this author a chance!

4.5/5 stars!


Review for Embracing Everly by Kelly Mooney!


I did not see many things coming and they were a little heartbreaking. This book made me tear up with sadness and grin at Mick’s humor.
It was interesting to watch the story of Mick and Everly unfold. Mick is the man who has it easy when it comes to nightly conquests and doesn’t feel the need to lie about it. Everly is the innocent singer that is searching for “the one.”
My only problem with this book is that the action scenes were… a little non-existent. If you’re going to write about undercover bounty hunters and NARCs then I expect the action scenes to be awesome not just a second long and outside of the character’s POV. It felt like a cop out.
Anyway, I’m glad I gave this a chance!
3/5 stars!

Review for In Between by Jenny B. Jones!

“If God blesses me any more, I’ll be living on the street, digging for my dinner in a certain hamburger restaurant’s McDumpster.”

This heroine is so hilarious! I can’t remember a time in the story that I was NOT laughing out loud. She was so charming and witty and I’m glad that her sense of humor didn’t die down as the story progressed.
Don’t let that fool you though. This story is enough heart-touching as it is funny. So many moments made me tear up especially since this is a foster child’s story.
There is a lot of religious talk which isn’t my cup of tea but oddly enough, it wasn’t a deal breaker. If you’re religious then that’s perfect! You will get to witness Katie embracing some things she’s never had the privilege of having.
The only reason this didn’t receive the 4 stars was because the story was a bit too slow for me and there wasn’t really a huge plot twist that left me speechless. This is more of a light and funny read.
Nevertheless, I’m continuing with this series! I can’t get enough of Katie!

3.5/5 stars!

Review for Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum!


“Good morning, Mr. Reynolds. Are you ready to die today?”
Oh. My. God. Yes!!!
Why is this free?! It’s worth so so much in my eyes, but I’m glad it is since I can’t afford anything right now.
Anyway, this book has one of the most unique and amazing story lines I’ve had the pleasure of reading! The author waves a captivating tale and a magnificent twist on the act of dying. There’s a lot of scientific talk and it was fun learning about things I never thought I’d learn, both fictional and non-fictional. The author entrapped my attention in her palms and didn’t let go… and still hasn’t considering I’m definitely continuing this series with that cliffhanger!
The heroine is now one of my most favorite heroines for being so independent! She’s so sarcastic and hilarious that I kept grinning at her comebacks.
This book just kept getting better and better with every chapter. My emotions were over the roof because of this! I cried, screamed, and laughed so hard. This is my favorite read this month, hands down! Oh, boy. That love triangle though! Lane… my bet’s on him!

5/5 stars!

Review for Marvel Zombies: The complete collection Volume 1!

This was my first graphic novel read and it didn’t disappoint! It was hilarious and intense at the same time! I loved getting a closer look into the characters I’ve only seen movies of. My brother introduced me to the Marvel world and I quickly fell in love with it! It was amazing being able to see the line between good versus evil thin into almost nothing. The Fantastic Four amazed me! Oh, Reed. You have one magnificent brain in that skull.
Definitely recommend to those who are into superheroes gone rogue!

4.5 stars!

Review for Wicked Games by Jessica Clare!


Is it your guilty pleasure to watch game shows with some drama in them?
Well, then this is the book for you! Holy smokes! I’ve watched game shows before but I have never read a book about one. I’m so glad that that isn’t the case anymore! This author reeled me in from the beginning and those interview bits at the beginning of each chapter really set the mood! I’m not ashamed to admit that my heart was invested in this read all throughout the book.
Dean and Abby are so wonderful for each other, their relationship is just plain adorable! They had the power to lift my mood with their banter.
This book had me grinning from ear to ear and I absolutely loved the fact that the characters didn’t rush their feelings whatsoever. So proud of owning this book.
The letter from the author at the end was just the cherry on top of one of the best reads I’ve had this month!
Oh, and it’s FREE so what are you waiting for?

4/5 stars!

Review for The Truth About James by Sarah Tark

Wow. One word.
There’s so much childish banter and even more repeated phrases than the first book. James is a straight up jerk (keeping my vocabulary PG) with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and Annabelle is so unbelievably and frustratingly brainless. She makes mistake after dumb mistake and pretends like she’s learning from it but NO! that’s not the case.
Her mom is another thing altogether. She only “loves” her once she lost so much weight and became the ideal daughter. Had she not lost weight, would she still have the approval of her mother and rest of the family? No! The only character I could stand was Jenna and even she got on my nerves.
Oh, boy. No book has ever made me want to hit a wall like this one. I’m sorry for the bad review but I honestly don’t get all the 3-5 stars this is getting. Definitely not my cup of… whatever I like. My mind is… speechless by this. There are so many exclamation marks in this book that I just lost it. I don’t know about you but when I see an exclamation marks I hear the character yelling… they yell 90% of this book. I need to stay away from high school heroines. I learned my lesson.

0.5/5 stars.