Review for A Beautiful Struggle by Lillian Anderson!


So, I wasn’t going to give this any more than three stars at the beginning because the starting dialogue didn’t captivate me enough but I forced myself to read on and it was the best decision to make!

I’ve been super let down with my recent kindle purchases and I’m proud to say this wasn’t the case and not to mention it was FREE! Yes, it was!
Katrina is a strong and witty lead character, which I have a weakness for!. She had me laughing out loud a lot and nodding my head in agreement with her actions considering I would have done the same! Even after her last relationship destroyed her, she still didn’t let that keep her from trying out her luck with Elliott. Her best friend, David, is an amazing character, I wanted to reach into the book and keep him for myself.
I’m extremely satisfied with how everything turned out. Can’t wait to read book 2!

Not to mention the author is such a sweetheart! After reading my review, she asked me if I wanted a complimentary copy of her next book in this series coming out in May. Of course, I said yes! You betcha I will have a review on it when I’m done reading it!

5/5 stars!


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