Review for Marked: The Missing Link by J.M Sevilla!

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Oh. My. Life.
I LOVE YOU J.M. SEVILLA!!!! That’s it for my review. Just kidding.
Okay, so my first read by J.M. was Beginnings and let me tell you, it destroyed my heart until I couldn’t do anything but tear up and then when I was losing hope, J.M. was nice enough to mend it back together. Because of that microscopic detail I decided to buy another title from J.M.
Let me tell you, no regrets in this department!
Going into this book without reading the synopsis, which I usually do, I didn’t know what to expect anything from it, so I didn’t.

Lily and Jay took me on one of the wildest rides any book has ever done. In every definition of the word, if you know what I mean… It’s completely different from Beginnings in an amazing way!
Jay has one of the darkest and most unique pasts I’ve ever read about. His emotions are so so strong that I couldn’t help but feel them as my own. I wanted to reach into the pages and give him a hug (and never let go).
Lily is sweet and a tad naive but surprisingly, it isn’t annoying at all. She’s also super hilarious! One of my favorite quotes of all time came from her after reading this lol. Her brother Seth is also hilarious!!
Oh jeez, that cliffhanger killed me!!
You bet I will buy the second part. I can’t believe this was only .99 cents. This was worth so much more to me than that.
One of my favorite authors!

How many stars?? 5/5 of course!


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