Review for Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts!


Oh, wow! Oh… okay. Let’s see if I can actually let my brain settle down enough for me to write this review right. Here, we go!

So, I mentioned I never read the synopsis of my books. This was no different and boy, did it work in my favor! The prologue was out of this world!! It automatically pulled you into the darkness surrounding the bayou mentioned. I love love loved this prologue. My favorite of all time for sure! It didn’t even mention the characters yet, only the ambiance, and I was already attached! Nora definitely knows how to set the mood right! Her words gave me the chills and that is NEVER a bad thing for me.

The first chapter was so… heart wrenching! For lack of a better word. Oh, my goodness. I … I had to shut the book and take a breather after I read it. It’s chaotic at it’s best and heart-shattering at it’s worst. Nora carefully placed the figurative carpet under my feet into both of her hands and when I was smiling from the beautiful character Abigail was… she violently pulled the carpet from under me and had me stupidly numb from the shock. All of this happened even before page 20/352 rolled along! Even though Nora handed me my behind, I still didn’t let this book out of my hands. I had to devour every word until the last!

The main hero, Declan (delicious name if you ask me), has a personality and sense of humor I will always yearn to get my hands on! His responses had me laughing out loud so many times that I’m embarrassed to tell you how much.

This book is in the most part, a mystery deeply intertwined with romance. I love myself a good mystery and this was… not what I expected to find in between this beautiful cover! I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough! I kept pulling back since I didn’t want this story to end but kept on reading nevertheless because I HAD to find out how it all got resolved! I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning, if you couldn’t tell already.

I must say, no matter how immensely tragic it was, I loved Abigail’s story even if It did break my heart into trillions of pieces. I fell in love with her sweet, tender, caring, and lovable personality. The love she shared with Lucian and her Rose was so unimaginably strong that I could feel it down to my bones.

Even if I only did get a tiny taste of it.

I wasn’t going to give this more than 4 stars because Declan’s and Angelina’s relationship moved a little too fast for me. Except, over halfway into the book, I threw that thinking out the window. All because Nora made me cry well into the ending of this book. The last chapters tore the pieces of my heart out of my chest. I still don’t know if I’m mad at Nora for it but she blew my rating scale (which hardly happens) so I must not have a strong enough grudge.

If you read this, be prepared with a box of tissues. Do NOT read this standing up either. Man, I surely needed that advice before reading this.

This book will no doubt stick with me for a long time.

6/5 stars for Nora!


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