Review for Nora Roberts Land by Ava Miles!


Okay, so I was loving this book to the moon and back in the beginning. Sadly, I ended up giving it 3 stars. Why is that? I’ll get to it in just a second.
My pros were as follows. I got my hands on this book because I am a huge Nora Roberts fan! It’s my guilty pleasure and all that. When I saw her name I had to get it! I NEEDED to find out what an author had to say about one of my favorite authors. She’s the author I own more books from (N.R.).
The beginning was amazing considering I was already itching to find out exactly how Meredith and Tanner would meet. The circumstances behind that were pretty unique for me. I was seriously almost biting my nails here, which is something I never do.
As I mentioned, I love Nora and it was ridiculously fun and exciting to read about the titles I have already read!  I enjoyed being able to say (out loud) “Yup, I know what she’s talking about!”

I’ve never related to book connections so much!
I felt like the article at the end was the best way to finish this book and it earned this book the last star for it.
I hate to admit that I like the journalist Meredith more than the actual book Meredith.

Also, Tanner is the ONLY character I could stand in this book. Everybody else didn’t really cut it for me.
Now, for my cons, which is what knocked off some stars. I started losing interest around the middle of the book which is why it took me more than a day to read. This book was so tasteless to me that it drove me into a mini slump. I can’t say that has ever happened to me before. I didn’t like the fact that a grown woman talked to herself, or her alter ego as she calls it, so much.
Now, to my main con. I HATE forced first kisses. When the hero of the book says (not particularly this book), “You know what? Screw it. Take this.” and just forcefully grabs the heroine…it’s annoying, not swoon worthy. Nora Roberts has a reputation for these too and I honestly don’t find that romantic at all. It robs me of my romantic experience. It’s not genuine to me, if a man forced himself onto me I would be turned off not melt in his arms like these heroines do. Once is fine, but twice and two different couples??? No, thank you. Glad I gave it a shot though.

3/5 stars!


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