Review for Skater Boy by Kay Manis!


This cover is super intriguing but sadly, so so so sadly, it was a complete let down. Before we got to why this book didn’t receive the review I wish it did, I’m listing my pros.
I loved how this book didn’t automatically throw sex in my face before I got to learn the character’s names. A lot of authors have done that to me lately and man, is it annoying. I’m sorry but I love an entertaining back story and leading story before I read about characters getting frisky under the sheets. Is it just me? I hope not. ย In this book, both of the main characters took their time and it was refreshing! And that’s where my list of pros ends.

Here come the cons!

This book was terribly predictable and the only reason it got more than one star was because of Rory’s amazing personality. There were too many internal thoughts from both of the main characters and it was ridiculous. It seemed as if the had serious problems. The ‘heroine’ was too … weak, for my taste. She kept crying over the smallest detail and it wasn’t making me like the book any better. I was surprised Rory didn’t run the other way at the amount of tears this woman shed. If he had ran away I wouldn’t have finished this book. If you were to ask me about the plot, I wouldn’t have an answer for you considering there wasn’t much of one. It was all hormones and testosterone. Who is the better who type of deal.
Also, that little cliffhanger wasn’t juicy enough to make me want to read the next book. I’m sorry but this is where my Kay Manis train stops.

2.5 stars!


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