Review for Something Great by M. Clarke!


YES! This is the book I’ve been hoping for after being constantly let down by all of my e-books. I hate giving bad reviews. This one gets 4.5/5 stars! It would have been a solid 5 if Jenna hadn’t been double-guessing Max so much. I don’t know it just got old too fast. Sure, due to her past, It’s understandable but I could have used less of it.
On to the positives! This story wasn’t rushed at all. I absolutely LOVED being able to see Jenna’s and Max’s relationship grow. I laughed and aww’d so much at this. It wasn’t overly cheesy like recent books I’ve read. Max is an amazing man and the attention he shows Jenna melted my heart. I loved the character development in this story. Definitely will read more of M. Clarke in the future!

4/5 stars!


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