Review for Rippler by Cidney Swanson!

This book has one of the most unique story lines I have had the pleasure of reading! This was a quick read but had lots more substance than I expected. Fortunately, I wasn’t able to predict what was about to happen, like my last book, because of it being so unique and I loved it.
It’s the only book I can recall that has made me want to pace myself and savor every word.
It didn’t hurt that the main character shared the same love for water as me! That one detail made it easier to relate to her throughout the story. This is also one of the first stories to take place in California, close to where I currently live!
Sam and Will are adorable as independent people and easy to relate to. They’re one of those characters that could steal everyone’s hearts if the author had only started the story a little earlier in their friendship. I was thrown into their relationship without knowing how it started, just that it already had. That confused me a little bit considering Sam didn’t take long to use the “L” word. I would have loved to see how they got to know each other since their friendship is incredibly new as it is.
I didn’t have a clear foundation to understand which is why I didn’t give it 4 stars.
All in all, I am definitely keeping up with this series! Cidney is becoming a favorite author of mine now!

3.5/5 stars!


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