Review for Ruby Ink by L.J. Wilson!


Oh, boy. That cliffhanger is making me feel withdrawal symptoms even though I just finished this book less than 30 minutes ago!
I didn’t know what was in store for me and boy was I blown away! This book is already physically beautiful and just adding the content inside of it makes it out of this world!
This novel had such a powerful beginning! I knew from then on that this book was going to be my undoing. It was physically painful to take a break from this book. It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that I will never forget! I wish I could describe in complete detail the love I have for this book and author, but the best words pale in comparison.
Sadly, I don’t have much of a review because I couldn’t be bothered to write down my reactions. My mind couldn’t make any other coherent thoughts, only that I had to keep reading or I will go mad.
And those plot twists!!! I didn’t know how much more my heart could take. I’ve never been so scared of a book so much. After that first chapter I had to come to terms with it since I was already incredibly attached to the main characters.
Every character in this book has their own crazy secrets and every life is completely intertwined with the other. It’s an explosion of crazy, in the best way, to watch them unravel.
Please, please, give this author a chance! You will not regret it! If you can restrain yourself from reading the summary, do it too! It adds to the experience, trust me. I am so grateful for this book since it’s the first I have ever won! It’s definitely my favorite read so far this month!
Can I have the next book in my hands like yesterday please?

5/5 stars!


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