Review for The Last Boyfriend by J.S. Cooper


If I could give this half a star… that’s what I would rate it.
Believe it or not, that’s me being generous.
Oh man. This is nothing like the last book I read. It was so so painful to read this, in the worst way possible. I’m sorry but there was no… substance or reason for this book. The ‘heroine’ is supposed to be 22 years old and she acts like a 12 year old in heat. Her thoughts and words are so immature that I honestly didn’t believe she was old enough to legally drink. I got a hard case of whiplash due to this book. It was all over the place and twice as confusing. Incredibly cheesy too. None of the events were believable. Disappointed to say that I won’t be continuing this series.

0.5/5 stars

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