Review for Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum!


“Good morning, Mr. Reynolds. Are you ready to die today?”
Oh. My. God. Yes!!!
Why is this free?! It’s worth so so much in my eyes, but I’m glad it is since I can’t afford anything right now.
Anyway, this book has one of the most unique and amazing story lines I’ve had the pleasure of reading! The author waves a captivating tale and a magnificent twist on the act of dying. There’s a lot of scientific talk and it was fun learning about things I never thought I’d learn, both fictional and non-fictional. The author entrapped my attention in her palms and didn’t let go… and still hasn’t considering I’m definitely continuing this series with that cliffhanger!
The heroine is now one of my most favorite heroines for being so independent! She’s so sarcastic and hilarious that I kept grinning at her comebacks.
This book just kept getting better and better with every chapter. My emotions were over the roof because of this! I cried, screamed, and laughed so hard. This is my favorite read this month, hands down! Oh, boy. That love triangle though! Lane… my bet’s on him!

5/5 stars!


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