Review for In Between by Jenny B. Jones!

“If God blesses me any more, I’ll be living on the street, digging for my dinner in a certain hamburger restaurant’s McDumpster.”

This heroine is so hilarious! I can’t remember a time in the story that I was NOT laughing out loud. She was so charming and witty and I’m glad that her sense of humor didn’t die down as the story progressed.
Don’t let that fool you though. This story is enough heart-touching as it is funny. So many moments made me tear up especially since this is a foster child’s story.
There is a lot of religious talk which isn’t my cup of tea but oddly enough, it wasn’t a deal breaker. If you’re religious then that’s perfect! You will get to witness Katie embracing some things she’s never had the privilege of having.
The only reason this didn’t receive the 4 stars was because the story was a bit too slow for me and there wasn’t really a huge plot twist that left me speechless. This is more of a light and funny read.
Nevertheless, I’m continuing with this series! I can’t get enough of Katie!

3.5/5 stars!


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