Review for The Embers of Light by Tammy Farrell!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

This book… gets a million stars and then some.
I am so in love with the way Tammy begins her novels. Those first pages set the mood for the rest of the story and it only gets more fascinating and they are my absolute favorite.
I am completely and utterly at a loss for words right now. I just finished this a couple minutes ago and I feel like a zombie as I’m typing this. So many emotions are bombarding me and they aren’t letting me breathe. This book is packed with an overwhelming amount of heart-shattering intensity. I knew these books were going to be the death of me from the start of book one but apparently I knew nothing. This is so much more worse than I thought. Tammy wove a tale that burrowed deep within me and that ending completely and brutally destroyed me. I don’t know what else to say but to encourage every reader out there to take a chance on this series. It’s a never-ending emotional rollercoaster that I don’t see myself getting down from in a long time.
You get to witness immense character developments from characters you can NOT imagine developing. This book shows you every face of darkness and in light and it completely engulfs you into its world. You don’t have a choice in the matter.
God… I don’t know what else to say. I’m a mess right now. The tears won’t stop coming and my heart is… gone. Tammy… you blew my mind away. Please, PLEASE don’t stop writing. These books just trumped every book I’ve read before. It might have stolen Throne of Glass’s number 1 spot in my heart.
I can NOT wait for the next installment. Now, excuse me while I try and live a normal life after this.

Blew my rating scale out of the park!


Review for Reign of Shadows by Melissa Wright!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Honestly, I thought I didn’t have much of a review because I was almost done with the book before I realized I hadn’t written down any thoughts but I’m wrong!
Yes, this book was that intense and gripping! I’m happy to say that this book is action-packed, it doesn’t let up even if it is the third book in the series. This series make you question everyone’s motives behind every action they make and it keeps you on your toes and the edge of you seat! This book changes POV’s and it works to everyone’s favor. You are able to look deeper into everyone’s thoughts and you’re kept wondering what the next step will be, along with the characters. It makes you feel as if you’re in the room next to the characters, plotting your next step.
You also get to see more of a character introduced in Shifting Fate and he is just… marvelous! I thought Morgan was my favorite villain but this man, Callan, blew him out of the park! You never really know what he’s up to and it added to the suspense through out the book!
This series is a magnificent find and I will cherish it forever! There are so many twists and turns that, the same as the first two books, I could barely catch my breath! The moment you think you’re in the clear and start to think the book is calming own, Melissa throws in an intense action scene that leaves you craving more! These books have a unique plot and is fabulously told. The characters seem so real that I know they’ll be sticking with me for a long time! The ending to this made me tear up so much, I could only lie back down as I finished. My heart is sore, I need more of Logan! Melissa has quickly jumped up on my list of favorite authors!

5/5 stars!

Review for Shifting Fate by Melissa Wright!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

God, I love this series so much!
I thought Aern was my favorite character in this series but this book introduced me to Logan and I’m sorry but he stole my heart after three seconds of reading about him!
This book is glorious! It’s action packed and I love a story that incorporates abandoned places! This picks up right where the first book left off and Morgan is still an amazing villain. I was kept in the edge of my seat the entire book and the emotions I experienced while reading were so hard to handle, I could barely breathe! I would’ve finished this book in one sitting had life and sleep not gotten in the way! I love Melissa’s writing so much and this series needs so much more attention.

I would love to share my love for Logan with somebody! He is so hilarious and has the best expressions, I love it. Oh, Brianna is a lucky woman! There is nothing I didn’t like about this book and I was sad to finish it but on to the next!

5/5 stars!

Review for The Darkness of Light by Tammy Farrell!


*Received a copy in exchange for an honest review*
“They are putting their fate in the hands of an unknown being, instead of taking their destiny in their own hands.”
I just love Tammy’s writing style. Let me start this by saying that this book is magnificent, physically and visually.
So many things in this book spoke the exact thoughts that I have in life so it enabled a personal attachment to form. Something that not every book is capable of.
This book sucks you in from the very first syllable and just keeps on gripping. This is so captivating that I found myself yearning for it whenever it wasn’t near!
Morgan and Corbin are one of the best male characters I’ve read about. And I can’t even begin explaining my admiration for Mara. These characters are so wonderfully complex and different from the other. The plot is so unique and intense that Tammy made me bawl more than once! I had to hold the book up so it wouldn’t drown (only a slight exaggeration). Not everything was sad and intense though, I found my cheeks hurting from smiling so much at some scenes.
Oh, and I can’t forget about the plot twists! They just keep coming and the most you can do is hold on for your life! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and it was torture to sleep knowing I wasn’t finished with this tale. My heart is so sore from this emotional roller coaster ride but I don’t care!

Thank you so much Tammy for giving me the opportunity to read this magnificent specimen of a book! I’ll be picking up the next one as soon as I finish typing this!

6/5 stars!

Review for Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright!


*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*
“If I had been a psychotic killer, her mood would have taken the fun out of it.”
I’ve had these books on my shelf for about a month and I’m beating myself up for not reading them any sooner! These were an amazing surprise! Melissa threw me into the middle of the action as soon as I flipped it open and I loved it! That was one of the best beginnings I have had the pleasure of reading. It captivated me from the start and it didn’t let up. It was difficult to catch my breath and I wasn’t doing anything but reading! The characters are wonderful and complex, I love Aern so much! You see some wonderful character developments and I could not put this book down for my life! This book has it all, I found myself smiling like a lunatic one minute and the next tearing up. Give this a chance please! Melissa is now one of my favorite authors!

I forgot to mention that this has one of the best villains yet! Morgan is my favorite from now on!

5/5 stars!

Review for The Sky Realm by Sheeza Iqbal


*This book was sent to by the generous author for an honest review!*

“A day of hardship does not result in a lifetime of success.”

So, I’m sad to say it took me the entire month of May to finish this book. I couldn’t get into it so I continued reading other things. I think the main reason was that the heroine was younger than I’m used to.
I’m glad I forced myself to keep reading though because the end is the best part! It got super intense and there were some plot twists thrown in there that I did not see coming. There was a lot of amazing advice in order to grow up directed to the character and the reader is welcome to take it for themselves, like I did.
The heroine had some flaws that made it incredibly difficult to get into and I couldn’t relate to her in any way so that wasn’t fun. If I would have been brought up by my grandma and she was in a situation as Aaliyah’s, I would have gone crazy. But to each their own. Aaliyah ended up growing on me towards the end though.
I can’t wait to read what happens on the second book! I miss the characters already, especially the male ones. I think they are the ones that set the mood more than the female characters, sorry!

4/5 stars!

Review for Ivory Dawn by P.S. Bartlett!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

“The last thing he will see is my eyes before the Devil welcomes him home.”
Oh, how I missed you Ivory! This was my second read by P.S. Bartlett and she doesn’t know the meaning of disappointment! Thank you so much for sending me a file, you made my day!
This short story is a prequel of my first read, Demons & Pearls, and it was fascinating to learn how Ivory got granted passage onto Barclay’s ship. I must admit, that I missed him too. I only got a short time with him on the last book but I’m glad I got a little more of his banter with Ivory in this one. This was a hilarious quick read and I love how the bond these women have is as strong as ever. They seem to be extensions of themselves and they trust each other completely which is easily seen. Only con is that it’s too short, but that’s just because I will never get enough of Ivory and her adventures! I can’t wait to read more. I am addicted to pirate stories now!

5/5 stars!