Review for Love on a Dirt Road by Nicole Hart


*The author was generous enough to send me a file of this book for my honest review*
This book had lots of potential. It was an easy read but a little too cheesy for me. The relationship between the main characters would have been more believable had they gotten to know each other A LOT more before throwing the “L” word around and if they were in high school. Sadly, they were too dependent on each other. At one point the heroine actually mentioned she could not live without him. I just… I don’t like those types of relationships. They are unhealthy. Anyway, there was too much, too fast for it being such a short read. There were many misspelling errors but that’s just me being a grammar nazi. Also, the best friend had a little too dirty of a mouth. I couldn’t get attached to her because every other word out of her mouth was profanity. I’m glad I gave this a try though! Thank you so much for the copy, Nicole!

2/5 stars


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I am 22 and love the cold (especially since my birthday is in December)! I'm fascinated by water and I have an extreme love for anything creepy! Authors, review requests are welcome! Feel free to e-mail me at But before you do, please make sure to read my policy. It can be found on here(: I'm excited to work with you!

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