Review for Slumber by Christy Sloat!


NO! Why, oh why cliffhanger! The author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review. This book was intriguing from the start! I’m a huge fan of asylums and I just loved that it was incorporated into this twist on an old fairy tale. I didn’t know what to expect but Christy did not disappoint me! Sawyer is one of my top favorite male characters as of now! His personality is just so… perfect! I love him and Rory together! I would have finished this sooner but I needed to take a moment for my heart to heal. Those last chapters turned my world upside down! There were also laughs and tenderness plus a lot of wickedness you would expect from Maleficent. It’s rare for me to say this but I would love for this to be turned into a movie! You bet I will keep reading more of Christy’s works! I need more Sawyer in my life!

4/5 stars!


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