Review for The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

“I’m hoping the words of the ancient poets will distract me from my current top three Life Problems: One, I suck at something…”
Romance: CHECK
Action: CHECK
Humor: CHECK
Betrayal: CHECK
Plot twists: DOUBLE CHECK
This book is one of my favorites by far! It sucked me in from the start considering it automatically starts with an action scene. There’s action in every turn plus some great and hilarious comebacks! All of the characters are amazingly portrayed and I am happy to say I don’t dislike any single one of them, even the bad guys. The heroine is hilarious and badass and she has the best pet, Filigree, I have ever read of! I want a pet like him please! This book is beautiful and magical inside and out! I love Rachel’s world building skills. I had to reread a couple of the scenes so I could close my eyes and get lost in it for a minute! I also love the character developments that took place in this story. Some of them I didn’t even see coming! I was completely engulfed by this book that I didn’t even know I was pulling an all-nighter until I reached the last page. I love how Rachel added two bonus scenes at the end from different perspectives, it was refreshing! Plus that ending leaves you craving more and luckily the rest of the books are in my kindle! Now you know what I’ll be reading all day!

5/5 stars!


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