Review for The Faerie War by Rachel Morgan!


*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*
“Don’t hope and you won’t be disappointed.”
I don’t know what else to say besides encourage you to read this series! The plot thickens at every curve and it still kept me on the edge of my seat! The action doesn’t let up, even from the first book, and the romance is out of this world! I am so glad I can only read this in my room, since the book is in my PC, because I cried like a baby so many times! My heart is so invested in these that I keep putting life on hold just so I can keep reading. I didn’t feel time passing me by and it takes an amazing author to capture my undivided attention like that.
The plot twists are incredible and I could have never imagined the story to unfold like this. Rachel is one of my favorite authors now! She built a world that has every aspect, from the land to the characters, taking my breath way! I am in love with it all! I live for those bonus scenes at the end of each book and I can’t wait to move on to book four! This is one of my favorite series of all time! Thank you so much Rachel, you are a master with words and I am so so glad I found you!

5/5 stars!


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