Review for Afterimage by J. Kowallis!


“Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.”
“It was then that there was no possible way to deny that this girl probably felt emotions much deeper than most other people.”
Holy. Jeezus.
This story is action packed to the brim and so so brutal. It’s set in the future after World War III and yes, it is as intense and devastating for humanity as it sounds. Probably even worse. Human rights are taken away and it’s up to the main characters to be the change humanity desperately needs. I love how every character has their own POV. It might sound confusing, but it isn’t. J. makes it work and it gives you a deeper chance to relate to any or all of them. The characters are older than I am used to but it only adds to the maturity of the plot. I loved every second of it! And there’s a love… square? It definitely adds to the suspense that’s for sure. Everybody’s at the brink of dying and it’s heart-wrenching to read about their struggles to find comfort in any possible way they can after such devastation.
Ah! I need the next book in the series asap! I miss Nate and Reggie already!

5/5 stars!


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