Review for Jemima J. by Jane Green!

“God, I wish I were thin.”
How many have asked themselves that question? Better yet, how many haven’t?
That’s the first line in the book and you will most likely than not find yourself already relating to the character, Jemima J. She is an overweight woman trying to make something out of herself which she will find as difficult as it sounds. But no great sacrifice comes without a great reward.
This story alternates POV’s from first person to third. They way the author writes makes you feel like she’s reading a fairy tail to you while tucking you in. Also, she is a major tease! She knows how to torture you into an unblinking stupor. You can’t turn the pages fast enough! And she builds the suspense so high, I felt like ripping my heart out.
Jemima and coworkers are learning how to use the internet for the first time and what do they do? Go on a chat room of course!
Jemima meets an amazing guy, Brad, and it drives her to lose weight so she can meet him. This story is about her choosing between loving the hot coworker, Ben, who doesn’t see her as more than a friend or Brad, the hot Californian from the internet that showers her with attention.
“… if we trust in ourselves, embrace our faults, and brazen it out with courage, strength, bravery, and truth, fate may just smile upon us too.”
This story is so inspirational and motivational and incredibly hilarious! I couldn’t put it down and kept grinning like a fool. This was my first read by Jane Green and I loved it! Can’t wait to read more from her.

4.5/5 stars!


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