Review for The Exception by Brittany Wynne


*Gifted a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Wow. I really wanted to like this book! But, there just so many things I didn’t like. Most having to do with the… friendships… in this book. It boggles my mind how disrespectful they all were at some point. Some of the things the guys told the girls was downright uncalled for and immature. I would’ve never let them talk to me like that, let alone name call me, even less so publicly. Especially if the guy doing the disrespecting was a guy I considered my best friend. I wanted to reach in and slap them more than once!! Also, I do no like the ‘playful’ name calling between Maya, Emma’s best girl friend, and Emma.. Once, is fine but to do it every time they talk…? I don’t know I wouldn’t want my best friend talking to me like that. There were spelling errors as well and I would have loved this if the characters had more depth to them and were older.
The only one with some decency was Jake, and I am grateful to his character for that. All in all, this was a quick, easy read, and it was funny at times.

2.5/5 stars


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