Review for The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett!


I’ve had this on my shelf for four months and I just got to reading it. It was one of my most anticipated reads and it did not disappoint. I love this magical world and I love the subtle twists on today’s fairy tales. The plot concept is so unique and Dusty is hilarious! I enjoyed being inside her mind. I love Eli and Dusty working together. I also enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t relationship at first sight. They get to know each other and it was such a treat! The suspense was high, you didn’t know who was the one doing the betraying so everybody you read about was a suspect, no exceptions. It was shocking when I found out who it was! I saw some other stuff coming but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Eli’s pov at the end was such a definite must! And that teaser from the second book, I need more or I will most definitely go mad!!!

4/5 stars!


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