Review for The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

E.J. has successfully turned into one of my favorite authors after reading this. Her world-building skills are breathtaking and a breath of fresh air! I devoured every single detail of it. The twist she created around the act of dreaming is literally out of this world! There are so many unique aspects in this story that it blew my mind how E.J. was capable to come up with them all!
Molly’s character development was perfection! The emotions she felt throughout this book are so strong they seeped right into me! So much that some scenes in this book made me freak and scream out loud!
Molly faced realistic consequences for someone who is living two separate lives, one when she’s awake and the other when she’s asleep. Every word came alive as both of her lives collided and she struggled to figure out a way to make them work without losing her mind. It was amazing finding out how the events in Dream Land affected Earth and vice versa.
All of the characters were stunning and realistic, I fell in love with all of them!
I thoroughly enjoyed Molly’s relationship with Becca. Their friendship wass honestly so genuine and heart warming that I believed every second of it. Lately, some authors haven’t been able to capture the essence of true friendship but E.J. did that and so much more.
This book was full of hilarious dialogue that I couldn’t just chuckle. I had to laugh out loud from deep within my stomach. It was immensely pleasing that the characters were older than 20 years old, it helped me relate to them more and appreciate the maturity of the content.
Oh, and the love triangle in this book was so painful! Both of the men in Molly’s life, Earth Jared and Dream Land Dev, were just so perfect and honest that I was having a hard time choosing between the two and they’re not even a part of MY life.
Dev’s character was amazingly portrayed. He was the right amount of smug without coming out as annoying and the moments where he let his walls down were the death of me!
Noooo, I feel a hangover coming along. I need book two! Can’t wait to get my hands on it the moment it comes out! I recommend this book to EVERYBODY!

AHHH!!!!!!! 6/5 stars!


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