Review for Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter!


“Eventually, even the smallest mistruth would catch up to a man, a tangled web of thorns that would leave him cut and bleeding.”
Wow, this book was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions. It’s been a while since I have read a paranormal romance and I don’t know the reason why! They are so incredible and wild!
Especially this one.
The fact that a character in the book declared the love between both main characters as a Beauty and the Beast romance didn’t hurt either! Beauty and the Beast is my weakness and I love anything that relates to it.
Solo is a man who believes he doesn’t deserve to be loved considering his dark past. Vika is a woman who has only known “love” to be attached with physical harm. They are both forced to meet in unexpected and more than cruel conditions. They are imprisoned by horrible people who dictate their physical and emotional state every day. Both have to figure out if the price for freedom is too high to pay or worth every moment of pain.
This story is brutal and complex. Hilarious and intense. As soon as I thought the story was about to get better, Gena would take it all away and break my heart. There’s so much loss and betrayal, I have no idea how Solo and Vika can be as sane as they are. One is willing to be the best they can even after being surrounded by such hatred and the other has learned to tune it all out, not bothering to lift a finger to change the outcome.
It’s safe to say the relationship that unfolds between the two is nothing short of a struggle.
Gena knows how to create the most beautiful, perfectly imperfect of characters. I loved witnessing the character developments of every character in this book, both good and bad. In the end, almost everybody got what they deserved, and more. I am so glad I own the second book or else I would be going crazy with waiting!

4/5 stars!


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