What makes me most happy!

Stacks and Shelves nominated me for the tag where I tell you what makes me most happy!

I love this tag!

Here we go:

First spot goes to Xena, my baby girl who I have had since October 2014. I love animals with all my heart and their emotions are my own but my baby girl gets priority. Without her I would still be crawling in the pits of my depression. I’m still its victim but at least I’m smiling and laughing now that I have her. She has brought so  much joy into my life, it’s mind boggling. I never expected to be so swept away by a ball of fur.

She’s my life and I love every day she’s in it<3



I have met so many amazing people and have seen so  many beautiful pictures. I would go crazy without this community. Staring at pictures of books and adding books to my never-ending tbr pile are what I live for! Of course sharing my love for books with all of you as well!

I have built relationships with readers AND authors alike. I’m living a surreal dream I never even knew I had. I also met my best fried: Lindsey Lynn through this community who has been there for me since day one. I never knew people so generous and uplifting existed until I met her.


I have an unhealthy obsession with water. Be it drinking, swimming or just plain looking at pictures of it, I squeal like a school girl. We have heard of #bookporn but I live for #waterporn.  It gives me a sense of peace and sparks a passion inside of me  that is only matched by books. I wouldn’t mind living IN the ocean for the rest of my life if I could.

images (1)

Another obsession of mine that strikes passion, peace and lots of thrill inside of me are abandoned places. I absolutely LOVE exploring them once I find one. Looking at a broken down building that is fighting against nature to remain standing upright is incredible. Every time I gaze upon an abandoned house so many peaceful and wondrous thoughts run through my mind. The larger the building, the happier I am to explore it. It’s surreal to experience something a stranger once did. You are literally walking in their shoes. My dream is to one day stumble upon an abandoned library in one of those buildings.


Winter! The sun is my enemy. I hate warm weather but I am the happiest when I feel the cold wind against my face. Everything that comes alongside this weather makes me absolutely happy. Rain, fog, snow, you  name it!

One day I plan to move away to somewhere that rarely has sun(:


Nature! I love woodsy areas, especially at night. There’s a magical aspect to it all when the sun goes away. The twinkling of the stars against branches with a blanket of black surrounding you… it’s out of this world. And of course the slight shiver that crawls up my spine with the promise that there is something in the dark that shouldn’t be there exhilarates me. If I could live in a cabin, in the middle of the woods, close to an amazing waterfall that lulls me to sleep without dealing with the worry of bugs, I would do so in a heartbeat!


Last but not least, writing. Whenever I am experiencing an excess of any mood I like to write. I used to write lyrics but now I’m writing in the form of a character.

download (2)

Thank you for this tag! I think I got everything 😀

I nominate anyone who takes the time to read this<3


3 responses to “What makes me most happy!

  1. Wow we are so similar! I love the ocean and I don’t like summer either haha. I haven’t been able to find any abandoned buildings but I’m sure I wouldn’t hesitate to go in. The bookstagram community is pretty awesome!

    Maybe we can be friends! I have enjoyed looking through your blog 🙂


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