Review for Passions & Scandals by Lee Flack


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
Wow, okay. I tried to like this, all 500+ pages, I swear I did but I just couldn’t. I felt NO attachments to any characters, I didn’t mourn for them when something bad happened nor cheered for them when something ‘good’ happened. The ‘relationships’ were TOO FAST. They basically declare their ‘LOVE’ for each other five minutes after meeting. I am not a fan of those types of relationships and never will be. Not to mention that it happened with more than one ‘relationship.’ I use air quotes because I didn’t believe any of it. Supposedly we are supposed to believe that the characters are in love but all they do is talk about the girl’s ass. Gah! When I thought the relationship was about to reach into an emotional depth I get slapped by an unwanted sex scene. How am I supposed to believe that they’re love if all they do is have sex? The dialogue was… more than bad. It was too repetitive and the sex scenes/talk were just not for me.
Anyway, I felt it was dragged. Those 500+ could’ve been used better in my book. I know it’s a debut but oh boy. There’s INTENTIONAL misspelling and it just grated on my nerves. It’s my biggest pet peeve and to read “pleeze” more than ten times is just… no.
There were TOO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS… in every damn sentence that came out of a character’s mouth. They tried to be funny and ‘joke’ a lot but I just got irritated. I didn’t think any of their ‘jokes’ were funny. There was a little bit of potential for character developments, but like I said before, I didn’t believe anything I read.
Not. One. Thing.
This book is memorable, I’ll give it that… just not in the best of ways. You must have an incredibly open mind for this since there’s big TABOO scenes in it.
Only thing I like was all the business talk in it. Yup, the business talk. It intrigued me more than anything dealing with the petty drama between the characters. It goes without saying that their age didn’t match their level of “maturity.”
Business talk is the only reason I added the second star.
I’m sorry. I would’ve loved to love this book but it wasn’t for me. Glad I gave it a shot though…

2/5 stars.


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