Review for The Exceptions by David Cristofano!


There is no possible way to review this book with a couple sentences so please bear with me and read it all.
This book means the world to me!

“When violence arrives, it rarely knocks.”

That’s the first sentence and it was enough to make me forget my own name. This book is divided into 4 parts and of course, it starts off slow. Once you get past the first part… Oh, god. Prepare yourself for an intense ride. I quickly learned that every word is crucial to the entire plot so the first part is as important as the rest. The pace is perfect since it allows you to savor every word David wrote. I have never and will never consent to gang/mafia violence but this family has earned my utmost respect. Respect I don’t have for today’s childish interpretation of ‘gang.’
This book definitely includes violence and a fulfilling and complex plot. It makes you THINK about who and what you are or want to become. The world isn’t black and white and the main character and the black sheep in his family, Jonathan, learns it too. The suspense was too intense. I felt like I was going to be sick a couple times. My nerves were clogged in my throat and it was a feeling I never knew a book could cause. Whenever I thought I knew what was about to happen, David goes in another direction and proved to me he’s a master with words. He’s been promoted to an auto-buy author of mine. His characters are incredible and unforgettable. They will always have a place in my heart. This man has gained the respect and awe every author strives for in their readers. This story has become my most treasured book… and my first recommendation to anybody who will listen.

“Whatever it is you like about me, whatever you’re attracted to, it’s because of her.”

Flipping, God. Jonathan is just… beautiful. His thoughts and his actions captured my full sympathy and more than earned a place at the highest pedestal I could create for a character. Being able to be in Jonathan’s mind was a privilege I cherish with my life and will never take for granted. It’s rare to read a novel strictly through a male’s perspective… especially when it’s about a love story. I feel horrible calling this a love story because it feels like I’m cheapening it. It’s SO MUCH MORE than that and you will see what I’m talking about when you read it.

“… no greater thing will ever come and go from my life, that the moments between us were the exact minutes and hours and days that define me. That my life is worth living it for no other reason than to recall what we shared.”

Jonathan’s emotions were at a level of intensity I have never experienced before. Every emotion flowed out of the page and claimed my body and soul. I sobbed (HARD) and laughed with him. I wanted to reach in and be his support… I fell in LOVE with him, his mind. Not like a hormonal teenager but with love reserved for a family member who will always be there for you no matter what. The type of love that swells your heart and leaves no place for sorrow. I never expected to learn and love so much from a fictional man raised and bred in violence. This fictional mafioso is more human than most people I’ve met in real life.
Jonathan broke my heart in the best way… everybody NEEDS to read this book… PLEASE…

“You are my loophole.”



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3 thoughts on “Review for The Exceptions by David Cristofano!”

  1. Hi! I have two questions. First, did you read The Girl She Used To Be before you read The Exceptions? I just finished The Girl and was checking for a sequel and found out about The Exceptions. My second question, if you have read The Girl, is this: does the ending of The Exceptions extend further out in time than The Girl did? I would love to find a different ending. Thank you!

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