Review for Simon by Michael Mullin!


*Book provided in exchange for an honest review*
Wow! What a way to start a book. This started off with a bombshell. As soon as the dust cleared out I was left standing in the beginning of it all. I loved the writing style in this book. It definitely cooked up a massive impact at the end. I was left wondering how exactly everything planned out and once it came to be… all I could do was grip tight and ride the roller coaster of betrayal and revenge.
I had chills throughout the entire book. The suspense was definitely high and intoxicating!
I easily related to Simon. He’s described to view his life as a movie while I view mine as a book. He’s looking for the next plot twist and I’m looking for my next line.
This was also a learning experience for me. Some things Michael incorporated were genius! There were so many amazing quotes in here that I had to write down some things to learn from.
Gah, and that ending was just too much for me! I still haven’t recovered… I can’t believe it.
This is a retelling of Hamlet and everybody needs to read this!

5/5 stars!


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