Review for Blood Bound by K. Carter!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
“I’m the one who’s left standing here, trapped in your shadow.”

AH!!!!! How could you do this to me, K. I’m already crying again just typing this. Wow, this book is… heavy. Emotionally heavy. I was inconsolable last night (and right now). This is the first I have read with a plot like this. I hear about some things in here happening but I have never read about them. Let me tell you, I am so glad this book was the first for me.
What would you do if a death in the family unravels secrets best left in the grave? Can something so utterly broken be mended?
I wouldn’t know. All I know is that the characters in here dealt with it in the best way possible… considering. The sadness I experienced (am still experiencing) was a consistent heavy blanket over me. After the first few pages I was already mourning alongside these characters. They just felt so real. This book threw bombshell after bombshell at me and I couldn’t dodge them. It has stripped me bare and exploited every tear I have to give.
I loved the main characters so much. Their development was incredible. They may be younger than me but oh do I look up to them. Rian, especially, is a guy to admire. Many guys would not come close to carrying the weight this guy had to carry on his shoulders, voluntarily. He made me so proud and I’m not even his mother.
And Ian. Oh, damn it Ian. He broke me… Even though the story takes place after he has passed away, he plays such an important role in this marvelous story, it wouldn’t be half as perfect without him.
I’m not a religious person (obviously) but I must confess that this story would not have the impact it had on me had it not been incorporated. It was definitely a must for the delivery of this plot. Ugh, my heart is just so torn up about everything, I can’t even think straight.
What made my experience with this even more surreal was that Pandora gave me the perfect playlist to listen to along with it. (I finished the book with “Peasants” by Houses. I am officially naming this as this book’s theme song. A must hear for everybody that reads this incredible book.)
My only slight complaint is that it needed a heavy dose of editing. Surprisingly, I wasn’t thrown off about it though.
There were many, many sorrowful and joyful moments. Either way, it was all overwhelming and raw. K. delivered a family drama and a romance with chaotic flourish. I am definitely keeping up with this author until my last breath.

6/5 stars!!


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