Review for Trained by N.M. Pratt! Available on July 21!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
“I always thought that the person I could see myself growing old with would have to be my friend first.”
This book had so many amazing quotes, it was difficult choosing just one but that one was the one that made me AWW and tear up the most. It’s exactly how I feel when it comes to relationships.
Pratt became one of my favorite authors after reading this treasure of a book! I even raved about it to my brother as soon as I finished. M/M romance is the best, in my opinion! Pratt captured it all perfectly and I couldn’t help tearing up at every page. The relationship between these two guys was so heart warming that I had to physically force myself to stop smiling so much. It was unique. Relatable and so hilarious! Every steamy scene had me grinning and screaming like a schoolgirl! I’m just glad I read this in my room lol. Personal trainer romances are a weakness of mine and oh god did Pratt feed my addiction! I love these two guys so much, they were perfect in every way! I can’t wait to read more by Pratt!
This is a must read for all of my fellow readers!

5/5 stars!


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