Review for Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E. Smith!


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Where do I start!?
I wish I had a kickass quote to start this off but I was too busy devouring every word to look for one! A guy that sees ghosts? Knowing only that and I was already in love with this story. I am so glad Jacqueline only made me fall even more in love!
Kate had one of the most intriguing and unique backstories I have read and definitely added a lot to the story. The attraction to Michael was a little too instantaneous but I got over it really quick since the story started picking up and my mind was too focused on the ghosts instead of the romance.
I have some serious character envy going on right now!! I wish the things (excluding the bad) that happened to her would happen to me! Ghost hunting and exploring abandoned buildings are my favorite things in the world. I am so glad to have read this book and know that it’s on my shelf whenever I want to revisit this world.
You bet I will… right after I read the second one! Good thing I have it because after an ending like that… I would be another ghost in Jacqueline’s stories for sure!!
I shed tears and yelled out with distress in the last couple chapters. So much happened that I couldn’t even catch my breath. I was left speechless by a certain character too… and not in the best way. I can safely say that I hated that character with all my being. Only a master author can make me hate a fictional person so much. The character broke my heart due to her psychotic behavior. the things she said about people were atrocious and despicable…
The rest of the characters, both alive and dead, were amazing. They felt so real and a part of me. I felt like I could visit them someday if I wanted to (which I do.)
This book has it all! If you love ghost hunting shows…this is definitely the book for you! I recommend it to everybody!

5/5 stars!


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