Review for Untreatable by J. Laslie


*Copy provided in exchange for honest review*
This had one of the most unique concepts I have ever read. It definitely sparked my interest from the very beginning. In an attempt of curing obesity, the human race created their own demise and it was a treat to see how they got out of it.
I wish I could’ve given this a higher rating but the characters were a tad too young for me and there was a case of insta-love for a couple of them. The love triangle, I could’ve done without. It didn’t really add to anything. I wish the author had spent more focus on the facility making them a lab rat instead of the unnecessary love triangle. For the characters being so young, they use vocabulary that I’ve heard nobody their age use. That didn’t help in the belief department.
I think I am growing weary of rescue missions. Nothing to do with this book, just something I have been noticing and sadly, this is one of those. I wanted to like the protagonist but I just couldn’t. Her actions and dialogue just… didn’t seem believable to me. Also, she yelled too much. I felt bad for the guys that had to hear it. Some of the challenges that arose were solved almost instantaneously and I saw too many things coming miles away. All of this took away too much from my experience.
I am pretty sure younger people will love this book though. They will most likely be able to form a connection with the main character that I couldn’t. I loved how everything got resolved at the end and especially that I wasn’t left with a cliffhanger. I am gad I gave this a shot. Thank you, J.!

3/5 stars


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