Review for Where Shadows Lie by Tialla Rising


*Copy provided in exchange for honest review*
I will start with what I disliked. I felt like the plot dragged too much. The gang members never sparked fear inside me and it was a big let down since I love to read books about them. I didn’t like the dialogue, it wasn’t as deep as I wish it to be. That fact alone prevented me from connecting with the characters and believing in their relationship. I couldn’t pinpoint the difference about the relationship they had with each other from other people. I never once believed the main characters were in danger… they just didn’t act like people whose life is threatened would. They sort of just shrugged it off most of the time.
The gang leader, Max, is set up as this badass who sparks fear in everybody but honestly, what I saw didn’t cut it for me. He kept failing too much that I just lost respect for him as a gang ‘leader.’ Also, the dialogue and results became too repetitive after a while and the chapter titles gave away too much that I saw everything coming five miles away.
Now for the likes. This was an easy read and it introduced me to one of my favorite quotes. This was my first Christian romance novel and I didn’t mind the religion as much as I did the rest. I have the utmost respect for the main female character since she accepts her religion with pride and isn’t close-minded, like many Christians I know. This character embodies everything religion should be and it was a breath of fresh air to read about it. I loved that the male lead was looking for redemption since I have a slight weakness for those sorts of things. Glad I gave this a shot!
Thank you so much for the copy, Tialla!

3/5 stars.


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