Review for Hey Sunshine by Tia Giacalone!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
4.5 stars!!
“I’d be willing to scrub away my shame on his washboard abs.”
I am so glad to have finally had the chance to read this! I saw a friend of mine raving about it and I couldn’t wait to read it. I am so glad to announce that it didn’t disappoint! The plot was intriguing from the start and I fell in love from the flashback with Chase. (He was so adorable pg. 7!) This book had everything and it made me feel so many different emotions… It was hilarious, bittersweet, serious, heartbreaking, terrifying, and everything in between. One second, she had me laughing so hard and gasping for breath from pain the next. I read this in one sitting since I couldn’t tear my eyes away. If I took a quick break, my heart would yearn to crack it open again the second I walked away. Let’s just say I didn’t get much of life done.
I love it when people in a relationship bring something new to my table. Something I haven’t read a couple of doing yet, and this book was it! The characters were unique in their own way and made the best of memories that I never saw coming.
I swear, New Adult is life and Tia made me fall in love with the genre even more!
I can’t forget about FOX!! Fox was… incredible. I admit, I couldn’t get enough of him. I kept yearning for the next glimpse of him, as much as Avery, and when I had it… it just wasn’t enough. This man can do no wrong and I am ecstatic to add him to my favorites list!
I need the next book, right this second! I have a feeling I know what’s in store for us (and from who) and I just can’t wait!!
Tia, you have made an obsessed fangirl out of me… Thank you so much!

4.5/5 stars!


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