Reviews for Day & Knight Chronicles by Kay Marie


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
This books was a quick an easy read. Sometimes I felt like it was a little bit too quick. I get these are short installments but it still prevented me from forming a connection with the characters when things progress too quickly to keep up. Some of the dialogue was a little… childish. They didn’t seem like something that would come out of an adult’s mouth. Also, I felt some things were too coincidental to be believable. I saw many things coming a mile away.
What I did love about the main character was that she didn’t beat herself up over her curvy body. I give her mad props for that.

3/5 stars.


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
I like how this picks up right after book one. The main characters sort of didn’t click with me. She talked to herself a little too much and I was confused since the author decided to put quotation marks on her thoughts and it always led me to believe there was dialogue going on. I would’ve love more detail about everything. Everything is progressing quickly and I am left trying to fill in the blanks. The dialogue, still a little childish. I also saw many things coming and the relationship moved too fast for me. I didn’t believe it’s as deep as it’s meant to be portrayed :/

3/5 stars.


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
I have to say, this is my favorite one out of the three so far! It left me speechless! I didn’t see any of this coming at all. The twists were just… wow. And the action, pretty out there but entertaining nonetheless. It started getting a little repetitive, both dialogue and actions. It was a little corny at times but it didn’t throw me off. These books are all intriguing enough to make you want to finish them, that’s me! I need to know what happens after that darned cliffhanger! Seriously… I am dying here.

3.5/5 stars.


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2 thoughts on “Reviews for Day & Knight Chronicles by Kay Marie”

  1. Thanks for the constructive reviews. As a new author, I loved your critiques which will help me with future books. I have to ask do you do beta reading? 🙂

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