Review for Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
“Greatness lies somewhere between defeat and victory.”

This was the first book I read from Nadege and I couldn’t put it book down from the very first page. It began with a bombshell and I was already in tears not even 20 pages in. Have you ever had a cliffhanger in the BEGINNING of a book? Because this one did that to me and it was emotional. Everything got completely out of hand as the evens unraveled and all I could do was sit and watch it all happen with not chance of helping.
This was… intense, to say the last. It takes place in 2065 and the Princess, a Warrior, is fighting for what she knows in her heart is right. Even if that means engaging in a forbidden romance with a Hunter, an enemy to Warriors.
I absolutely adore the fact that this was a dual POV. Not only did I get the chance to be in the Princess’ (Echo) head but in an amazing man’s (Ayden) as well. Echo and Ayden are such fantastic, strong, and well thought out characters that are worthy of everybody’s respect. Their hearts are always in the right place even if they did execute some of their actions in the wrong way. It was impossible for me not to hurt every time they did. This was a beautiful but brutal journey. It was heartbreaking to read about their challenges and not be able to soothe their hearts. With that said, I absolutely need more!!!
Nadege is now one of my favorite authors!

4.5/5 stars!


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