Review for The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West!


This was my first Kasie book and holy Gods, the plot line intrigued me from the start but I did not know I would love it this much! The hype was definitely well-earned. I devoured this in one sitting. I put my life on hold for this and I regret nothing.
I am always weary of reading a book of a younger character than me but I just loved how Gia isn’t too immature for a high schooler. The adorableness in this book was off the charts. I found myself crying just because I was smiling so freaking much. The humor is absolutely amazing! I laughed so hard during most of this, it was an amazing joy ride. This was the perfect book to bring me out of my reading slump. It left me giddy and grinning for the rest of the day after the last page. It seriously did a number to my emotions. In the best way. It lifted my spirits and I will forever recommend this book to anybody who’s going through a rough day.
Hayden is so adorable as well, ah! And Bec! I mean she’s Goth… what’s not to like, being classified a Goth myself lol. I enjoyed this book immensely!! Gia’s character development was surreal, genuine, and heart-touching. A lot of people should learn from her!

5/5 stars!

I am forever indebted to my best friend, Lindsey! If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t ย have had the pleasure of reading this!


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