Review for Astrology Pond by Rebecca Rossi!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

This was my first book by Rebecca and I had some mixed feelings about it.
I had a hard time getting into it from the beginning and here’s why. I felt like there were too many exclamation marks. It’s one of the things that can either make or break an experience for me and I’m not fond of them. I felt the events to be a little corny and too predictable and I would’ve liked the author to have focused a little more on details, not too much but just so I could picture what was happening. The events transitions so fast, I had sort of a hard time keeping up. Some of the things happening were resolved a little too easy for my taste and the character was a little too naive but it’s YA so I let it go. And also, I wished the chapter titles were a bit more secretive. I noticed them giving away a lot of what was going to happen.
What I love about this book. The concept is unique! It’s a ‘Big Brother’ sort of experiment and the author created a unique and unforgettable character. She is in love with astrology and it was refreshing to see something like this. I am not a fan of astrology myself but I found myself enjoying her explanations for other people’s actions and it sort of made her look like a super hero. There are character for each sign allowing every reader to choose their favorite according to their sign. My favorite character, of course, is Ronan. My Capricorn mate! I absolutely loved the addition of a psychologist. I felt her role to be as important as any of the other characters, maybe even more, and I saw that she definitely helped Danni when she needed a guide. I seriously need to know what happens next. Those last 100 pages left me super hooked!! I didn’t even blink, I had to absorb everything! I seriously love the route this story is going. Can’t wait to read more by Rebecca!

3/5 stars.


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