Review for What Comes of Eating Doughnuts with A Boy Who Plays Guitar by Nicole Campbell!


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This was the first book I have read by Nicole and it was an amazing surprise! I thought the dialogue was a little too hyper at the beginning but once the story started progressing I didn’t mind it at all. It’s just how the characters are and I grew to appreciate their long dialogue. They were victims of the ‘like’ syndrome but to be fair, that’s how teens talk so I let it go too. I loved how there were song titles at the beginning of each chapter that suited what I was about to read.
This was THE perfect YA romance. Anybody that has had a long distance relationship as a teen (like myself) can automatically relate to the main character, Courtney. Cue in Ethan, 18 year old boy who’s in a band and friends with Courtney’s best friend. I found myself cheering loudly at his adorableness and tearing up at all the bad parts between those two. There was drama, heartbreak, happy tears, and all that good teen stuff. This book definitely transported me back a few years. I loved it!
I would’ve liked to see more of Ben, Courtney’s long time friend, from the beginning but that’s just a call for more drama lol.
The only bad thing I have to say about this is that it was a case of insta-love but Ethan sucked me right in so I didn’t mind. He is just so amazing, considerate, thoughtful, in a band!, hilarious, flirty, and all that good stuff. Too bad he’s 18 or else I would definitely add him to my book boyfriends list!! Those two stole and invaded my heart more than I thought possible. The ending was so darn bittersweet… I swear, if I didn’t already have book two in my hands, I would be going crazy! Especially since it’s in Ethan’s perspective. I am so freaking excited to get into his head, you guys don’t even know!!

4.5/5 stars!

P.S.: There is a Giveaway happening over on Goodreads, if you would like a copy, click HERE! It ends tonight! (9/7)


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