Reviews for Night Fever series by Jessica Hawkins!

I decided to combine my reviews into one post so you can see the beautiful covers in one place(: Like always, I will not disclose anything that happens, just the general plot line. All you will read are my emotions each book made me feel!

*Copies provided in exchange for honest reviews*


“I want Lola for one night.”
This book introduced us to Lola, the hard-working waitress and ever-loving girlfriend. She lives to help her boyfriend fulfill his dreams without a selfish thought towards herself. But then comes one of the richest men in L.A., Beau. Sexy, handsome, rough featured and too blunt, Beau. He proposes a deal to the happy couple, rattling their world into pure chaos.
I fell in love with Beau as soon as he was introduced. His words were my kryptonite throughout the entire thing and he made me swallow my tongue quite a couple times. I have the most respect for an author that can make a relationship not just about steamy scenes, but about depth and life-changing experiences. Real relationships, real people, come with baggage and clashing personalities. Everyday life can factor into a relationship’s success and Jessica’s writing includes that plus so much more! The plot was intriguing from the start and I honestly felt like I could meet these characters in person if I wanted to.
I am a devoting fan of Jessica’s now!


This book was even better than the first and I thought that impossible! The plot twist was magnificent and it physically blew me away. It was thrilling in every turn and I didn’t know what to think! Beau is compared to the devil and I can’t agree more… We found out about Beau’s real reason behind the proposition to Lola and it’s INSANE!! I didn’t see that coming at all and my eyes almost popped out of my sockets. BEAU!!!!!! How could you!?!?! Ugh, my heart was shattered by his revelation. I felt the betrayal as if he had done it to me! Jeezus, this man is going to be the death of me.
The only negative thing I have to mention is that I found an argument between Lola and her boyfriend a little repetitive but as you can see, it didn’t impact my rating at all. I’m too addicted to this relationship, I don’t think I can ever get enough.


AHHH!!!!!!!! This series just keeps getting better and better! So far, the books have been Lola’s POV in the third person but I passed out when I found out we were getting Beau’s POV in this one!!!!! The chapters went back and forth between Beau and Lola and also, between the past and present. You get to crawl inside the mind of this amazing man and you find that his emotions and actions are too freaking intense. He had me gasping for air a lot. You get to see why he does what he does and it’s a constant battle between loving him more or getting even more mad at him!
Either way, I am LOVING the development between these two too much for my own good! Jessica is a master with her words, I am completely in awe. Her characters some to life outside of the pages and they kept me on my toes. Her writing style is so refreshing and it adds to the impact all this betrayal is having on poor me. I have no idea how much I can take but all I know is that 101% of me is rooting for these two!


I. Am. Speechless.
WHAT!?!?!? That ending had to be one of the best I have ever read. It was so intense and RAW… I could feel the anger and betrayal these two feel emanating from the pages onto my skin.  Even after all the bad, I am still smiling like a fool even though I finished this last night. I honestly cried so much by the end that I had trouble reading through it… but I managed! I loved how Jessica didn’t bombard me with information in the first book. She spread the information between them all, enabling me to find out more about who these two are. I was still getting to know them even at the fourth book in the series. The character developments were so incredible and precious. I couldn’t have asked for a better plot line for them. This book was in both of their POV’s as well and Jessica let me form a relationship with them as individuals, not as an item. These two were so emotionally and physically intense, I will forever hold them dear in my heart.

I read this in less than 12 hours. Jessica slayed my heart… well Beau did lol. This is one of my absolute favorite authors now! Keep in mind, due to content and language, I don’t recommend this to readers under 18.

5/5 stars for them all!!!!


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