Book Mail: Week 2 (9/21/15-9/27/17)

Below are the incredibly generous packages I received last week:

*The Instagram accounts for each author are linked on the names.

Make sure to show them all the love!

On 9/21/15 I received 4 packages:


Fractured Suns, book two in the Broken Skies series, by Theresa Kay

Synopsis for Broken Skies HERE

My review for Broken Skies can be found HERE

Soothsayer by Allison Sipe

Synopsis HERE


Breathe Out, book two in the Just Breathe series, by my amazing girl friend, Martha Sweeney!

Synopsis for, book one,  Breathe In, HERE

My review for Breathe In HERE

This one was amazingly wrapped, as you can see up on the main picture. Her package included: 2 bookmarks, 6 book plates (includes 2 of The Harem  by her husband, Thomas Sweeney) and an amazing hand-written note from her!

So much more than I expected!

My review for The Harem can be found HERE


-And last but definitely not least… I also received the BIGGEST package by far by author, Sophia Henry!!!

A little backstory: I entered one of her giveaways on Instagram that I ended up winning but I forgot to read the little detail that the giveaway was for an e-book copy of her book! As many of you know, I lack an e-reader. So, I told Sophia and she messaged back and told me to give her the name of a book I have been dying to get and she would gift me it. When I read this, I died… because the book I have been DYING to get has been Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas for over a year. So, I told her and BAM! She agreed to it. I could’ve fainted right then and there. So, weeks go by and then I find a box on my doorstep… I start screaming, I open it and this is what I see:


WHAT!?!?!?!? She included sooooo many things that I didn’t expect and I seriously cried and shook with excitement. No wonder the box was so heavy! I kneeled on the ground and lost it, no joke. So, finally the hysteria subsided and I started going through everything she sent me:


-3 booklets with the first few chapters of her book, the one I originally won, Delayed Penalty2 bookmarks, 2 business cards, 4 book cards, a hand-written note, 2 pink baggies with little pucks, a blue bag with temporary tattoos, pins, a mirror, and bracelets, a wrapped package with another hand-written note, and QUEEN OF SHADOWS!!!

So again, once the second episode of hysteria went away, I went to open the wrapped package and found this:


No joke, no lies just truth. A KINDLE!!!!!!! Sophia… sent… ME… a kindle….. AHH!!!!! I cried again. She also sent me a code to redeem an amazon gift from her, which was her book. Also, there are MANY books already in the kindle… some by Colleen Hoover!

So, I didn’t end up just getting Queen of Shadows… I got book swag and book galore as well!!!

What a way to start off a weekend!

On 9/22/15 I received:


Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears by Sarah WaterRaven

Synopsis HERE


Avalon, a Soothsayer novella, by Allison Sipe

Synopsis HERE

On 9/26/15 I received:


A surprise package from an AMAZING and talented bookstagrammer and hilarious friend, Sarah!

It included a hand-written card and a small wrapped package.

She messaged me saying that she had something that belonged with me so she sent it. Seriously, this woman is hysterical, there isn’t a dull moment with her on IG. Everybody needs to follow her like yesterdy.

Also, she didn’t know what my last name was so she gave me one: Cassandra Crypt-keeper. I freaking love this woman, you can tell how hilarious she is just by reading that!

So this is the gift she sent:


Isn’t he just the most adorable thing ever!? I love it so much!!!

I can’t wait to include him in my bookstagram pictures! So look out for him(:


This last week felt like a dream to me. I was walking on clouds and nothing and nobody was able to ruin it because of all of these wonderful people. I have said this and I’ll say this again, joining this community will forever be the best decision I have ever made!

Thank you so much everybody for taking part in on of the most memorable days of my life!!!


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  1. Yay! Now you’ve got Breathe In and Breathe Out in both formats! Can’t wait to see what kind of fan art you start creating for all the books you’ve read 🙂

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