Review for How One Attempts To Chase Gravity by Nicole Campbell!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

“He was going to attempt to chase gravity- he needed the feeling back that he had when he was touching her, like the world was theirs and she was strongest force in his universe.”

I have been waiting for this day for ever! First of all, happy release day to Nicole! I waited all month to be able to share my review on the day of release and the time has finally come!
This is the sequel to What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar and I loved it even more! Ethan wow’d me from the start of book one and if I was a couple years younger… Anyway, this book is told in Ethan’s perspective and I about died. He was hilarious, deep, and intense from cover to cover. He had the BEST quotes out there and I had an incredibly rough time choosing just one. This man stole my heart!
Pretty much anybody who has ever loved someone can relate to these characters. It guides you through the high of falling in love for the first time, he comfortable feeling of knowing they love you as much as you do, and the heartbreak of life getting in the way, forcing you apart. Then it focuses on trying to pick up the shattered remains left from the break-up and trying to find who you are meant to be, how to grow from the pain. GAH!! This book!!
This book overlaps with the first one: Part 1 begins where the first one started but in Ethan’s perspective but Nicole incorporates details that were missed in the first book which helps you feel like you’re not re-reading their story all over again. Part 2 picks up where book one ended, still in Ethan’s perspective. Part 3 continues as a sequel to the first one but with both Ethan’s and Courtney’s perspectives. I have never before read a book like this but let’s just say I want to read more like it! With that said, I was a nervous wreck when it came to the end of the 2nd part. I knew what was about to come and I just didn’t want to go through it all over again! Anyway, I barely made it through but am so glad I did!
The relationship between Ethan and Courtney was a magical and emotional ride. These two are deeply ingrained into me. I felt like they were my closest friends and I will cherish the memories I had with them with all my heart. I miss them so much, I just wish Nicole kept writing books with them forever.
Ethan made me feel so many emotions that characters rarely do. He disappointed me, scared me, excited me, broke me, mended me, melted me, and so on. I absolutely LOVED the banter with his mom, those two made me cry from laughing so hard.
Only minor criticism I have is that I didn’t like how the dialogue included “Haha” in it, it seemed like a text message to me. Other than that this book was everything and more! I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. My heart swelled with so much happiness that I had to take a couple of days for me to be able to separate this world from the real world.

5/5 stars!


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