Review for Breathe Out by Martha Sweeney!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

I have been waiting for this book for months! This IS a sequel and the first one, Breathe In, left out in a massive cliffhanger!!

(My review for Breathe In can be found HERE)
This picked up right where the first one ended and I loved it! Emma is still the stubborn independent we all know and it made me crazy!!! There were so many times I wanted to just shove her aside and take Joe for myself. Anyway, I am personally attached to this story because it takes place in the bay are, the beautiful place I grew up in, and it just speaks to my soul. Reading about familiar street names and places made me tear up. I absolutely love the friends Emma has surrounded herself with. They have their own lives but they are always one phone call away.
And JOE!!! Joe is just… AHH!!! I need that man in my life. Sometimes I wished he would put his foot down with some things but he is just a nice guy, so I can’t really be mad at him.
I love the development between him and Emma. It’s slow and deliberate but definitely there! I also loved how Emma’s past and present met in this book. It shows how much this book isn’t just about the explicit scenes but about the lives of two people coming together. Definitely adds a much needed depth to the success of a love story.
Like I said in my review for Breathe In, I love books that incorporate pets and Sadie makes me want a dog so much! I love how she adds even more humor to the story.
I only have a few negative things to talk about this. The first being, there are a bunch of misspelling errors and I felt myself not liking a scene because of them. The second, I felt the dirty talk became somewhat repetitive and I would’ve loved to have seen more diversity in their words. Other than that, I enjoyed this immensely.
If you haven’t already deducted from the cover, this isn’t a read for those under the age 18. This book went by too fast for me, even though it’s huge, I just can’t get enough of these characters! The ending was amazing, it had a little bit of everything. It was hilarious, heart-breaking, mysterious, shocking, and everything in between. I missed Jared and his one-on-one banter with Emma and I loved that it was incorporated into the ending too. It ends in a cliffy, AGAIN!!!, but I don’t mind. Much. It makes me look forward to something and I can’t want for Just Breathe. the story is getting so juicy!

5/5 stars!


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