Review for Delayed Penalty by Sophia Henry!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

“After my first real-life crush didn’t work out, I resumed my infatuation with fictional characters and unattainable men. It was easier knowing that I had zero chance from day one.”

Okay, how many of us can relate to that? I know I do!
This was my first book by Sophia Henry and it will definitely not be my last! If you love hockey romances and sexy, hot Russian men, you have to read this!! This book had me laughing my gut off from the first couple of pages until the end. The humor in it was exactly what I needed.
This book follows a Russian translator, Auden, and a smoking hot hockey player, Aleksandr. I thought this relationship was perfectly developed. The pacing could’ve used a bit of a slowing down in the beginning but other than that I was invested in them both. They had actual deep conversations and an attraction I couldn’t deny. They did things together that I haven’t read another couple doing and I love it when that happens! Fresh material is always a bonus.
I related to Auden from the beginning. As you can probably tell from the quote. Some things she thought and spoke felt like they were coming straight from me. It helped me enjoy this story even more than I already was.
The plot twist could’ve been slower in delivery since it prevented me from being ultimately shocked. Although, I didn’t see it coming and that’s always good.
I need more Pilots! I can’t wait for more!

4/5 stars!

(P.S.: Sophia is the generous woman who sent me the most amazing package I have ever received as a reviewer to date. You can find my post containing pictures of it HERE)


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