Review for Darkness Unchained by McKenzie Hunter!


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I can’t find words to describe how EPIC this world is. McKenzie has created a story that I am still hypnotized and awed by to this day. All her characters are the most unforgettable I have come across. This is another one of the few series that has failed to make me hate a character it has. And that’s an amazing feat. Why? Well, because ALL of them are wonderfully complex and intriguing to the max. There is not one that intrigued me more than the other. Not possible… except maybe a few but only because they took my attention from the first book.
Michaela got THIS CLOSE to making me despise her guts and the air she breathes buuuuuuut… I am too amazed by her gruesome ways to hate her. Every single character had a quality about them that made me fall in love and respect fiercely. Quell, Steven, Ethan, Josh, Winter, Demetrius, Sebastian, Joan… I could go on and on about every single one but I will not spoil it for any of you. If you are intrigued by their names… read this! God, I can’t stress enough how much this series means to me!! Every aspect of it is burned into my brain and I remember everything (mostly) as if I had just finished it a second ago.
This book changed it up a little for us. Mainly, instead of only including Skylar’s, the main character, POV, McKenzie also included Chris’s POV (in the third person). I swear, it sounds a little weird but it works perfectly for this book! Another reason was that it delves deeper into the characters that we saw only in passing on the first book. It allowed me to form deeper connections with all of them, and boy did I.
Also, this book is horrible for fangirls. So many amazing thought-out male characters makes it IMPOSSIBLE to ship Skylar with just one. At least for me. So I gave up. Whoever captures her heart, I am on board just because I love them all. This world is unbelievably precious. I recommend it to everything, living or not. Just read it!
4.5 stars!


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