Review for Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

This was the first book I have read by Linda and it pains me to say this story wasn’t for me.
It was difficult to get through, hence the month it took for me to read it. This story follows a girl in her Senior year of high school. This starts on the first day of school and cue in new twin students… which I have no idea why the author decided to go with this. The beginning of the year brings in a lot of new students so I don’t know why the story focused on these two guys. They were supposed to be these two dangerous, brooding, sexy guys but to me they were just creepy and immature. By the end of the book, I don’t think they added anything to the plot but unnecessary drama. I honestly can’t tell you why the story focused on them at all… the story would’ve been just fine without them.
The main character has too many love interests that are all basically insta-love and nope. That is not my cup of tea. She also cries over multiple guys that she hasn’t even known for at least a week and it, honestly, irritated me to no end. She acted like she was an expert on these guys but again, she didn’t even know them enough to be one. She cried over just about everything to be exact, and I found myself rolling my eyes a lot. I didn’t enjoy her story at all. There was too much childish drama in these pages that I couldn’t wait to finish the last page. She also second guessed herself sooo much that it got old, really fast.
Overall, this book was TOO much TOO soon. Pacing matters when writing about a relationship and this story could’ve been executed better. It was so bad that I didn’t believe anything the characters said or did. I couldn’t form a connection to any of the characters and I don’t think I liked any of them.
Thank you so much Linda for the copy but it wasn’t for me.

2/5 stars.


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