Review: Omega and Omega Miniseries by Lizzy Ford!

Today, 10/26/15 is an amazing day! The incredible Lizzy Ford‘s book, Omega, is finally out into the world! I read this book back in August and fell absolutely in love with everything and anything about it!


*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

“Your name is seared into my soul. I will always return to you.”

This was the first novel I have read by Lizzy Ford and boy did I fall in love, died, and went to fictional world heaven.
This story is about a modern world that is ruled by Greek gods and it is as chaotic and amazing as it sounds. I am addicted to anything dealing with Greek mythology and this book definitely fed my addiction. I need so much more of this series, like now!!!
Lizzy Ford weaves an incredible and magnetizing plot line that had me intrigued from the moment I cracked the spine!! It’s full of mystery, betrayal, double-guessing, surprising friendships, love, loyalty, and hilarious banter. There is as much evil as there is good in this incredible world and it automatically transported me into it. I experienced everything as if I was there and once I got to the last page, I wanted to plant my feet and never leave.
All of the characters Lizzy Ford created here are some of the most diverse people I have had the pleasure of reading about. I was astounded by every single one and I am proud to say I found myself liking all of them. Yes, even the evil ones.
This book is one of the most incredible books I have ever read… I read this two months ago and I still think about it all the time.
Especially Adonis…. Oh. My. Lord… Adonis. Oh, how I love that man!!!! I was a blubbering mess any time he appeared, spoke, or was brought up in this book. He is incredible, loyal, badass, sexy, hilarious, and lethal. He’s perfectly imperfect and I love everything about that man. He conquered my book boyfriend’s list from the second he appeared.
Alessandra, the main character, is amazing as well. She’s honest to a fault and I could relate to her automatically for it. I love the fact that she can hold her own even after everything that’s thrust her way.
“Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.”
I struck gold with this book in the quote department. There were so many that just choosing one was impossible!!
The ending to this broke my heart into a million pieces… If you’re a fan of oracles, Greek gods, stunning characters, an epic plot line, and an overall thought-provoking world… you MUST read this book asap!

6/5 stars!

Since Lizzy was incredible enough to provide me with a bound-up edition of her Omega novellas, I decided to post my review for that on this post as well. We’re already celebrating her so why not!

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*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

This is the bound-up edition of the novellas for Omega and it’s marvelous inside and out. I was speechless throughout the entire thing. I lack much of a review because I was too busy digesting the incredible stories to write down notes.
I have always had a weakness for origin stories and I was incredibly pleased with these!

Alessandra: She was HILARIOUS as a kid. I loved being able to witness all the details of how her life changed the moment she decided to do something she had never done before. I also bowed to her since she seems to have one of the biggest hearts I have read (even experienced).

Mismatch: THIS!!! This is the story I have been waiting for!! Jeezus, Mismatch is the love of my life. No shame. This man has a heart of gold as well and that made me fall for him all over again. No matter how much I get from him, I am craving sooo much more! Yup, I’m a Mismatch-junkie and I will be until the end of time!

Phoibe: This story was one of the most intense from them all. She has one of the saddest childhoods and I just wanted to reach into the pages and take her in. Such a poor, poor child. My heart broke even more for her. She didn’t deserve anything that she went through.

Lantos: This man is such a complex character that I just love the fact that there’s an origin for him as well. His story is so… heartbreaking, that I can’t make myself to hate him. He’s a Demigod and I found myself wishing I had his powers more than once. We see a side of him that we don’t see much on Omega.

Theodocia: Woah. I love this story! I had forgotten what an intense duo she and Niko were. It was entertaining and a little heartbreaking to go back in time to see why they are as hostile toward each other as they were on Omega. This one was really sad.
Niko: I was so irritated with this man on Omega. But as irritated as I was with him, I couldn’t hate him either. Now, we see a side he doesn’t show on Omega and I loved every second of it. I love this man and his story was also one of the ones I was looking most forward to. He’s badass in his own right and it was a treat to see how he became a gladiator and why.

Cleon: AHHH!!!! Here is another incredible enigma. One that I thought was completely and utterly evil. But guess what?! As far as origin stories go, you find out that the person isn’t always who they appear to be. The last sentence to this story had me bawling my eyes out!! WHY?! Ugh. I can’t hate this man… I was close to it on Omega but this story just thwarted the chances.

Herakles: OH!! Enigma #65577 (random number). This story was devastating… so completely brutal. Herakles’ past is a mystery during Omega but I felt myself getting attached to him, no matter how little I knew of him. His story might be one my most favorite yet. You get to see more of the man who wants to be himself more than anything in the world. A man who’s opinion and voice was taken from him long ago. This story is about a phoenix rising from the ashes and I admire him so much more for it.

My heart went out to all of these characters. These stories made me fall in love with characters I only grew to like on Omega. Every character’s tragic past is intertwined with the other’s and it’s mind blowing to find out how. All of these stories are making me want to reread Omega again with the new knowledge I have from them… As devastating as these stories are, they were definitely needed to understand why the characters are who they are.
Lizzy is a one incredible master at story telling and I am so glad to have found her.

5/5 stars!

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