Book Mail: Week 7 (10/26/15-11/1/15)

These are the books I got in the mail last week.

All of them are review copies so the author’s Instagram pages will be linked to their names (if found):

On 10/26/15 I received:


An ARC of White Lines III: All Falls Down by Tracy Brown

(I won this off TheReadingRoom)

Genre: Romance

Synopsis for the first book in this series, White LinesHERE


King of Ash and Bone by Melissa Wright

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis HERE

Reviews I have for this author’s The Descendants Series:

[Bound by Prophecy] [Shifting Fate] [Reign of Shadows]


Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor

Genre: NA Romance

Synopsis HERE


Winter’s Bride by Nellie C. Lind

(she sent a business card with the book)

Genre: Adult Fantasy/Romance

Synopsis HERE

On 10/27/15 I received:


Somewhere in Between by  Katie Li

(she sent me a postcard along with the book)

Genre: Dimension Traveling

Synopsis HERE

On 10/28/15 I received:


An Unusual Path by J.H. Champine

Genre: Not Specified

Synopsis HERE


Treadmill Tales by J.H. Champine

Genre: Non-Fiction Comedy

Synopsis HERE


Phoenix Morrow by J.H. Champine

Genre: Not Specified

Synopsis HERE

On 10/31/15 I received:


Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset by Sarah Ashwood

(she included a beautiful bookmark as well)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Synopsis HERE

I want to thank every single author that sent me a book this week!

You are all too amazing and generous.

I appreciate every single book in my library and I hope to get to your books as soon as possible.

Please make sure to show them some love! It’s the least they deserve(:


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