Review for 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore


This was the first book I have read by Addison and I wasn’t that impressed. I found it predictable and TOO sexually charged… I know, there’s such a thing!? I didn’t know it was until I read this. EVERYBODY is out having sex and I was slapped in the face with it when I was just looking for some insight into the characters. With that said, I didn’t seem to like the insight I actually received.
The plot twist in this was the only unpredictable part I experienced here. Although I knew something was going to happen, I didn’t expect it to escalate the way it did.
The main character was hilarious at the beginning but then I felt she was trying too hard. She went rambling on and on about jokes and I got to the point where I just wanted her to shut up.
The relationship in this book was paced fine for the most part but I even thought it was too fast to be believable. The L word was spoken too fast as well and I didn’t believe their emotions were there just yet. Anyway, they were fine as a couple but I wasn’t extremely rooting for them either. Whatever happened between them was fine as long as I got to the end.
Also, the repetitive use of a certain childish phrase got on my nerves. I’m glad I gave this a shot but I don’t even mind not finishing this series.

3/5 stars.


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