Review for The Divide by E.J. Mellow


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“…all dreams have ways of coming true.”
In all of. Holy. Terra. I still don’t think I’m in the right mindset to be writing this review. I finished this two days ago and I am still mad at E.J. for that ending. Why do you torture us so?!
I read this fantastic book in one sitting since I have been waiting months to dive back into this world and couldn’t wait any longer. It picked off right where the first book, The Dreamer, left off and I was a mess the entire time.

(My review for The Dreamer can be found HERE)
For one thing, I forgot how hot and bothered a certain blue-eyed Dev made me-Molly. That was ONE form of torture E.J. put me through.
Even though I am sad beyond belief, I love E.J.’s writing. I can’t stress that enough. I saw the scenes playing in front of my eyes like a movie from the very beginning. E.J. has a way with words that makes the situations easy to visualize.
Like I said in my review for the first book, these characters are extremely fascinating and realistic. The consequences Molly goes through are compatible to the situations she’s forced to face and it still astonishes me to this day. We definitely see character development in Molly and I didn’t even try to blink in case I missed a single detail. (Dev might be a big reason as well, but anyway).
The world is just… outstanding. I want to live there now. I have no idea how E.J. created this world but I am forever grateful she did. I felt like I only got to step back into this world for a second before it was wrenched way from me again. The moment I found out the meaning behind the title I felt like I got punched in the heart. And everywhere else.
I am shattered and I completely blame E.J.
After this book, I fell in love Dev and Molly SO MUCH MORE!! I didn’t even know I could love them more than I already did but I was wrong, thank you E.J. for proving that to me haha.
This book didn’t lack tears, heartbreaking plot twists, tears, actions, sobs, and humor. Oh, the humor!! I have to say I love the humor that oozed out of Molly and Rae when they were together. My stomach hurt so much from all the laughing they had me doing.
Another thing I found myself being awed by was the fact that we are STILL learning about the world. This isn’t a case of information overload at all and I love it. Even now, there are so many unanswered questions.
I am scared for what’s yet to come… I am in mourning until I have the next book in my hands.

6/5 stars!


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