LIVE EVENT IN CALIFORNIA! Join me and some amazing authors on December 12th!


Are you a/n author/blogger/reader located in California and have have no plans for December 12th? Well you have been booked!


Please join me and some amazing authors for the Bibliobules’ first live event in Pasadena, California! I’m excited to mention that this isn’t your typical book signing event either. There will be time for book signing PLUS time to interact with everybody at the event… including the authors! Yes, this is a social gathering AND a book signing!

There will be food, drinks, prizes, a photo booth, plus much more!

Want to know more about the wonderful people hosting the Bibliobules? Click [HERE]

Authors, if you can’t make it to the live event, don’t worry! There is still a way for you to reach new readers! Click [HERE] for more information!

Everybody will also be able to join us on Periscope on the day of the event!

There is also amazing swag available for purchase!

Here are sneak peaks:


You can browse more swag and purchase it [HERE]

Are you interested in attending? You can purchase your tickets [HERE]

PLEASE make sure to follow Bibliobules on their social media links as well and support as much as you can to bring more live events to YOU!

[Website] [Instagram] []

[Facebook] [Twitter] [Pinterest]


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